Portable Storage Container

A portable storage container is sometimes a better option than a self-storage unit because your goods are always where you want them or need them. As a result, many people might find that a portable storage container is exactly what they need for their home or business.  In addition, these units can be moved to other places that might be more convenient. Whether you purchase a mobile container or use it as a rental, there are benefits for people in many different situations.

Types of Portable Storage Containers

First, it is important to understand the different varieties and options of a portable storage container.  They can come in different sizes, most commonly seen in 20’ and 40’ lengths. Clearly, a larger variety of stores more than a smaller one. 20’ units can easily be moved with a flatbed truck while 40’ ones will need to be moved via a larger truck and trailer.  Containers come in a standard height of 8’6” or as a “high cube” which is 9’6” tall.  Doors can be located on just one end (“standard”), or at both ends,(“double door”), or on the side(“ open side”). They can be purchased in different conditions such as used, new, or “cargo worthy”. In order to use a container to ship goods across oceans, it must first be certified with a CSC plate.  Different varieties should be selected depending on the specific storage requirements involved.


A portable storage container can also be made very accessible with the help of accessories. There are many accessories available that make storing items easier and more organized. Shelving brackets can be hung in the container to create shelving in many sizes. These portable organizers can help keep the storage space neat. There are also brackets that can be used to create desks attached to the walls.  Lighting can also be purchased to install in a unit.  Brackets that make desks and lighting can be helpful for making the portable storage container into a usable space such as an office.

Why a Portable Storage Container?

For anyone that is moving, a portable storage container can be a great option. A moving container can be delivered directly to the yard or driveway of the original home.  All of the home goods can be stored directly into the unit. Then the unit, containing all of the goods, can then be loaded onto a truck. The truck brings the unit that contains all the home goods to the new home. Unpacking is relatively easy because the homeowner knows where all their things are and how they were packed. If the unit was purchased, the homeowner can take their time unpacking, and then use the portable storage container as an additional place to store goods at their new home.

When remodeling a home, many household items must be moved, large objects must be dismantled, and new building materials must be brought in. A portable storage container is a perfect solution for storing all of these types of materials. Instead of bringing all of the household items to an off-site location to store, all of these items can be stored on-site in a portable unit. The knowledge that building supplies and tools will be secure and close to the job site can provide “peace of mind”.  After the remodeling is complete, the container can then be hauled away and returned if it was rented.

Contractors can benefit greatly from having a portable storage container if they have multiple job sites. Whenever a contractor sets up a new job site, they can have a mobile unit delivered to the site as a standard practice. These storage solutions are similar to the situation of homeowners who are remodeling a home; however, contractors are constantly doing work at different homes and businesses. With portable units, their tools and building supplies can be kept secure and safe from elements. In addition, they can even outfit the container as an on-site office. With the help of portable storage space, contractors can work more efficiently.


A portable storage container can be a great storage solution for a variety of situations. Depending on the size, a unit can store many large objects that might have otherwise been difficult to bring to an off-site facility. People who are moving, homeowners who are remodeling, and contractors can all benefit from utilizing portable containers. These units can end up containing anything from household goods to building materials. They can also be organized to be used as an office for a job site. This variety of benefits all stem from the mobility of these convenient places for storing goods.

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